About Us

House of God is an online video streaming and e-commerce platform owned by Innertech Media Solutions pvt ltd. It is one of India’s first platform that strictly focuses on spiritual and religious content. House of god currently offers 100,000+ minutes of spiritual content across all major religions with live streaming of most followed temples. We aim to be the one stop destination for the spiritual and religious needs of all the devotees.

A melting pot for all religions

House of god provides curated content across all religions. It has content for Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Sufism. Along with this , the platform has lectures from prominent gurus and spiritual leaders of India. A user following any religion can find relevant content in the platform.

Why we stand out

  • Seamless video playback :-Our adaptive video streaming technology ensures that the best possible video quality is played back automatically based on the available bandwidth, therefore making it a great video experience on both mobile networks as well as WiFi internet connections.
  • Exhaustive religious content :-We have a catalog of 30,000+ media content spanning 6 religions and many leading spiritual leaders.
  • Live Darshan :-We show live darshan of some of the most prominent temples of India free for Indian users. Currently we show live darshan for temples such as SiddhiVinayak Mumbai, Iskcon Bangalore, Iskcon Vrindavan etc.
  • Online Prasad and Shopping:-To provide a holistic experience, that spans user’s daily lives, We have launched the features of online prasad, books, idols and other such items which fulfil your religious needs.
  • Horoscopes, Panchang and other services :-Along with video streaming and online shopping, we also provide services which are widely used by Indians around the world; Services such as Daily Horoscopes, Daily Panchang, Donations, Wallpapers and Quotations. These services are free to use for all the users.
  • Friendly User experience :-With thoughtful user experience and strong design principles, we try to make user’s content exploration journey as smooth as possible. Using a mix of algorithms and content curation we help user find the content of his/her preference and discover new relevant content along with it.
  • Religion based personalisation :-With our preference setting, we make sure that we give users relevant content based on the religions they follow. With our algorithms and categorisations, we personalise the whole platform experience based on the religion they follow and the languages they speak.
house of god
house of god