Arudra Darshan: Know the significance of Lord Nataraj’s Dance!

Falls in the Tamil month of Margazhi, the festival i.e. Arudra Darshan is often celebrated in December-January. Arudra is the star that represents golden red flame which is believed to be known as Lord Shiva (at his cosmic dance). Therefore, this occasion holds a great significance and devotees from all over the country visits the prominent Shiva Temples to have darshan of Lord Shiva as Natraj (the god at his cosmic dance).

It is a very grand events that is celebrated in the Shiva Temples of India, mainly in Chidambaram Temple in Tamilnadu, as this temple is solely dedicated to Lord Nataraj.

Importance of the Lord Nataraj’s Dance..?

As it is a proven fact that the universe comes into existence through movement and the concept of life is incepted with the oscillation of particles. As long as there is vibration, there is life, growth and activity. The cycle of births and deaths goes on with the movement and this movement is symbolized by the cosmic dance of Shiva. The dance of Lord Nataraj is present in every cell and every atom of the universe.

What is the significance behind viewing Shiva’s Dance? Why it is considered auspicious?

Lord Shiva is known as the creator, preserver and destroyer of the universe. Lord Shiva dances in ecstasy to accomplish the five acts namely creation, sustenance, destruction, embodying and release. Shiva’s dance reminds and inspires the devotees about the higher purpose of life; namely moving from the transient to the eternal.

Lord Nataraj indicates mastery over ego, desires and evil. He holds all the five elements in him symbolized through Damaru (ether), flowing hair (air), Flame in hand (fire), Ganges (water) and rested foot (earth). Thus, the lord is the supreme head of the universal forces and he releases them to make the worlds during creation and takes them all inside during absorption.

Therefore, visiting Natraj temple on the day of Arudra Darshan to view the puja and procession of the Lord is highly auspicious and said to give all the benefits to devotees.

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