Dwarkadhish Temple, Gujarat

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Dwarkadhish Temple, Gujarat About the temple: The Dwarkadhish temple which is also known by the name of Jagat Mandir. It is a Hindu temple dedicated to the God Krishna. It is a very popular pilgrim spot for the Hindus among the Char Dham destinations. According to the Legends, Once upon a time, there was a girl named Badana used to visit regularly to the temple. Pleased by her devotion, the principal deity one day walked with her, but the priests suspected that Badana had stolen the idol and pursued her to get it back to the temple. Badana pleased that she would give gold in proportion to the weight of the idol and those priests accepted the proposal of the bandana. The idol was placed on one side of the scale and to the surprise of all the priests, one single nose stud of Badana could equal the weight of the statue. After all, the Lord knew that his humble devotee did not have anything else to buy the statue and so played this miracle. The original temple was believed to have been built by Krishna's grandson, Vajranabha, over the hari-griha (Lord Krishna's residential place).

house of god
house of god