Lingaraja Temple, Bhubaneswar

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Lingaraja Temple, Bhubneshwar About the temple: Lingaraj Temple is believed to be the oldest and largest temple of Bhubaneshwar. The temple of Lingaraja is highly revered by the followers of Hinduism. Located at Bhubaneshwar in Orissa, Lingraj Mandir is easily accessible from the city. The term 'Lingaraj' suggests 'the king of Lingas', where 'linga' is the phallic form of Lord Shiva. In the 11th century, Lingaraj Temple was built by the King Jajati Keshari, who belonged to Soma Vansh. It is thought that when the King shifted his capital from Jaipur to Bhubaneshwar, he started the construction of Lingaraj Temple. Lingaraja Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva and is one of the oldest temples in Bhubaneswar, the capital of the East Indian state of Odisha. The temple is the most prominent landmark of Bhubaneswar city and one of the major tourist attractions of the state. The temple represents the quintessence of the Kalinga Architecture and culminating the medieval stages of the architectural tradition at Bhubaneswar. The temple is believed to be built by the kings from the Somavamsi dynasty, with later additions from the Ganga rulers. Architectural style: Kalinga architecture Address: Rath Road, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751002 Contact No: 0674-2340105 Visiting Hours of the Temple: Opening Time: 06:00 AM Closing Time: 09:00 PM Main Shrine The temple is divided into four parts, the Garbh Griha, the Yajna Shala, the Bhoga Mandap and the Natya Shala respectively. In the Garbh Griha (Sanctum Sanctorum), the lingam of Lord Shiva is regarded as 'Swayambhu' (Self-originated) and it is worshipped as both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. On the main entrance, one can see a trident (Lord Shiva) and Chakra (Lord Vishnu) on the either side of the door. The concord of the two sects can be seen here, where the deity is worshipped as Hari-Hara. The term 'Hari' refers to Lord Vishnu and 'Hara' refers to Lord Shiva. How To Reach: By Air: The Biju Patnaik Airport is around 6 km from the temple. By Road: You can board a local or private bus from the Bermunda Bus stand in Bhubaneswar which is the nearest bus stand. By Train: The nearest railway station is Bhubaneswar railway station which is around 6 km away from the temple. Places to Visit: Vaital Deul Temple: The temple itself is beautiful and is very different from all other temples in Bhubaneshwar or even Odisha - one can tell that easily from the shape of the top half of the temple ("gopuram"). This temple looks more like a South-Indian temple than a Odiya one. Many of the carvings and statues are very intricate and you can see tantric influences in many of them. Vaital Deul Temple is one of the oldest temples of Orissa. Siddhesvara Temple: Siddhesvara Temple is also known as Siva Temple which is located inside the Kapilesvara temple precinct, Kapilesvara village, Old Town, Bhubaneswar. It was built in the 15th century. Embodied with rare architecture & figures , this is a must visit place for all tourists. It is like living history with spirituality. Rameswar Temple: This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located very close to Lingaraj temple. As per the legend, the Shiva Linga in this temple is installed by Lord Rama on the request of his wife Sita, while they were returning from Lanka. Sita wished to worship Lord Shiva to thank him for her husband's victory over Ravana.

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