Maa Durga

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Durga is the chief goddess of Hindus who are also called Goddesses and Shakti. She is the chief goddess of the Shikshak sect, which is compared to Param Brahma. Durga has been described as Adi Shakti, Pradhan Prakriti, Gunjya Maya, Mother of Buddha, and Disorder. He is protecting and welfare of blind and ignorant demons. They have a belief that they destroy the monstrous powers that strike peace, prosperity, and religion. Devi Durga is depicted as a fearless woman riding on a lion. Durga Devi is associated with eight arms, all of which have some arms. They killed Mahishasur, Asur. Mahishasura (= Asha + Asur = Bhaira like Asura) does. In Hindu texts, he is described as the wife of Lord Shiva, Durga. Those Jyotirlingas who have established the Goddess Durga are called Sidhpiths. All the resolutions done there are fulfilled. Hindu Shakta is Sampraday Goddess Durga considered Parashakti of the world and the supreme deity (Shakta Sampraday God considers as the Goddess). In the Vedas, there is a detailed mention of Durga, but in the Upanishad, the goddess "Uma Haimavati" (Uma, the daughter of the Himalayas) is described. In the Puranas, Durga is considered as Adashakti. Durga, in fact, Shiva 's wife AdashaktiThere is a form of Shiva, that Parashakti has been described as the supreme nature, the quality of Maya, the mother of intellect and the non-discrimination. Even though being one (concentrated), Maya power gets accumulated a lot. That Adi Shakti Devi was born as Savitri (Brahma's first wife), Lakshmi, and Parvati (Sati) and she married Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Durga (Adi Shakti) is also the same as the three forms. There are many forms of Goddess Durga itself (different from Savitri, Lakshmi and Parvati). The main form is his "gauri", that is, the tranquil, beautiful and blonde form. His most awesome form is black , i.e. black form In various forms Durga is worshiped in many temples and shrines of India and Nepal . Some of the Durga temples also offer animal sacrifices. Bhagwati Durga is the lion's ride.

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