Maa Osho Priya

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Maa Osho Priya was born on 8th May, 1958. She is the youngest child with three elder brothers. The seeds of spiritualism were sown in her through her parents. Being born & brought up in the milieu of religiousness, the seeds of spiritualism took roots since an early age. She joined Osho's-Neo-Sannyas movement in 1973. She did her M. A. in Philosophy and Prabhakar in Music in 1979. She married Swami Shailendra now known as Osho Shailendra in 1979. She lived in the Osho Commune in Pune during 1978-81. She went to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, U.S.A, in 1982 and lived there with Osho till 1985 and lived a multi-dimensional life there for four years. Ma Osho Priya along with Osho Shailendra returned to India in 1985. Osho Shailendra became a medical officer in OPM Hospital at Amlai (MP), India, and she became a music teacher in the OPM School in the same town. They stayed there for almost 12 years and enjoyed a very happy married life devoted to spiritual pursuits. The path of meditation, showed by Osho, remained the foremost precedence for both of them. In August 1989, she went to Osho Commune, Pune and lived there until September 1990 during the last days of Osho. She was blessed with Enlightenment on 25th January, 2000. She is a wonderful singer and 40 of her albums of Bhajans (devotional songs) have already become very popular among the seekers. She had the privilege of singing some of her songs in Osho's presence, who enjoyed and appreciated her singing. She is also a member of Sadguru Osho Trivir, a Trinity of Living Masters, who are regularly conducting Oshodhara Samadhi Programs. Her magnetic voice is kindling loving awareness in the hearts of thousands

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