Pujya Nirumaa

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Niruben Amin, addressed as Pujya Niruma by her followers, was an Indian religious leader. She was a disciple of Dada Bhagwan and headed the Dada Bhagwan Foundation. She was an exponent of the Akram Vignan philosophy. She was said to achieved self-realization on 8 July 1968, by Gnanvidhi of Dada Bhagwan. She started recording tapes of discourses with Dada Bhagwan in 1974 and continued doing so until his death in 1988. More than 4,000 such tapes were recorded and were later transcribed and compiled in 14 volumes of Aptavani. In 1976, she was 'blessed' by Dada Bhagwan in 1976 at Mamani Pol, Vadodara when she was serving during his illness. She continued to practice in minor surgery till 1978 when Dada Bhagwan suffered from a fractured leg and required constant medical attention. She joined to serve him using her medical knowledge and continued to tour with him, including his foreign visits, from 1982 to 1987.

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