Shri Krishna

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Lord Krishna is the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and God of Hindu religion . They are also known by names like Kanhaiya, Shyam, Keshav, Dwarkesh or Dwarkadhish, Vasudev. Krishna was a great man equipped with Nirmaam Karmayogi, an ideal philosopher, astrologer and a divine possessor. He was born in Dwaparug . They have been given the place of the best man Yuga Purush or Yugavtar of this age. Krishna 's character is written in detail in Shrimad Bhagavat and Mahabharata, composed by Krishna's contemporary Maharishi Vedavyas. Bhagavad Gita, there is a dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna, which is still popular all over the world. Krishna is also respected Jagatguru for this work. Krishna was the 8th child of Vasudev and Devaki . He was born in Mathura jail and he was brought up in Gokul . Yashoda and Nand were their parents. His childhood was spent in Gokul. In the childhood, he did great works which was not possible for any ordinary person. In Mathura killed Mama Kans . Saurashtra in Dwarka established city and there built his kingdom. PandavasHelped and protected them in different objections. In the battle of Mahabharata, he played the role of a charioteer of Arjuna and gave knowledge of Bhagavad Gita which is considered to be the best creation of his life. After the life of 125 years, he finished his Leela. Kaliyug is considered to be the beginning of his death immediately after his death .

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