Shri Mahaveer Ji Temple, Karauli

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Shri Mahaveer Ji Temple Shri Mahavir Ji is a famous Jain pilgrimage site which is situated in Shri Mahaveerji town in Hindaun Block, Karauli district in Rajasthan. Earlier known as Chandanpur, this small village became famous as a Jain religious site after an ancient idol of Mahaveer was excavated from its soil several hundred years ago. It was then renamed as Shri Mahaveer Ji This idol was excavated over 200 years ago from the same spot, after which the temple was constructed. Thousands of worshipers flock from across India to catch a glimpse of this famous statue. Temples in Shri Mahavirji: There are five temples in Shri Mahavirji and these are as follows: 1. Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Shri Mahavirji: Shree Chandanpur Mahavirjee is one of the miraculous pilgrimages of Jains. Situated at Hindaun Sub District in Karauli district of Rajasthan, this place is filled is positive aura and splendored with natural beauty. It is a prominent and sacred place of devotion for Jain devotees. 2. Shantinath Jinalaya Temple: This temple is known for its marvellous high standing colossus figure. It features icons of 24 Teerthankaras and their Shasan Deotas with an attractive sky high Manstambha. The main attraction of the temple is an imposing 32 feet high image of Lord Shantinath, the 16th Jain Tirthankar. 3. Bhagwan Parshvanath Jinalaya: Also known as ‘Kanch Ka Mandir’, this temple is constructed by Late Bramhacharini Kamla Bai. It features attractive mirror and glass work that looks very pleasant. This temple houses a black coloured idol of Bhagwan Parshvanath. 4. Kirti Ashram Chaityalaya (Jain Temple): Kirti Ashram Chaityalaya is located in front of Shri Shantinath Jinalaya. 5. Bhavya Kamal Mandir: This temple is recently built and located on the road connecting Shantinath Jinalya and Main Temple. How to Reach: By Train: The nearest railway station is Shri Mahaveer Ji (SMBJ), which lies on the Delhi-Mumbai rail line and is located about 7 km away from Shri Mahaveer ji. By Road: The nearest Major bus stand is Hindaun City Bus Depot is located 18 km away from Shri Mahaveerji. Contact No. +91 83497 50116 Website:

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