Shri Pulak Sagar Ji

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Bharat Gaurav Muni Shri Pulak Sagar Ji Maharaj commonly known as Shri Pulak Sagar Maharaj Ji a divine soul was born, in a very small but prosperous, Dhamtri village in Chattisgarh. His birth brought happiness, wealth, respect and peace in the house of Shri. Bhikamchand Ji & Smt. Gopi Bai Jain, parents of this child. His name before Deeksha was just like his soul, Paras, that means Pavitra. This true devotee of Jainism and believer of Lord Parasvanath served mankind and preached Jainism under the direction of Shri. Pushapdant Sagar Ji Maharaj.

house of god
house of god