Shri Sanjeev Krishna Thakur Ji

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Shri Sanjeev Krishan Thakur was born at pious Nagasthali Paigaon (Mathura) in Brij Mandal on 23rd December, 1984 to Shri Satya Bhan Sharma and Smt. Radha Devi. His mother whose name is also Radha was an unalloyed devote of Radharani. His paternal grand father and grandmother were vaishanav (krishna bhakta) leading a pure, disciplined lives) and his grand Grand mother - engaged in Krishna Kirtana (singing devotional songs) exerted very deep influence on child Sanjeev. His father, grand father and grand mother were teachers. By the grace of Sadguru, Thakurji rendered his first maiden Bhagwat Katha at the tender age of 12 In Phalen village in Braj Mandal., Shri Rajvanshi a noted intellectual scholar of Vrindavan was so deeply and strongly strut by the unusual eloquence, knowledge and style of presentation katha gave him the name of KRISHNA and later Padam Vibhushan Swamai Shri Kalyan Dev of Shukartale gave him the title of SHUKDEV. Shri Sanjeev Krishan Thakur is not only one of the few Kathakars on the firmament, he is an outstanding and distinguished personality committed to serve humanity. Today, religious conversion not only in east-western India but all over the country is a serious and worries, some challenge.

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