Chhap Tilak - Halka I Sufi Song I Longer Version



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Chhap Tilak' sufi song from album 'Halka' by Sameer. Sufi music has found a new sound. Halka by Sameer is a convergence of timeless great Sufi lyrics, mannerism and new age rhythms of dynamism. Halka is young and contemporary having a modern and new age reflection of the classics created by great Sufi poets and composers of all times. The singing styles, the arrangement patterns, the sound of music, and the young yet classic feel are the ingredients that have successfully created the new sound and the new style to the recipe called 'Halka' by Sameer. The melodies and lyrics have been improvised and modified to suit the requirements of each song. The album may seem to have a western influence with electronic music and guitars, but live traditional instruments like sarangi, violin and flute have kept the essence intact. Although the songs in this album are based on Sufi lyrics, the genres of music incorporated into it make it a popular music album. Language has never been a barrier for music, so the lyrics range from Hindi, English to Urdu, Punjabi and Farsi. "Dum Mast Kalandar" flavours energy with power kicks dance rhythms, "Nara-E-Mastana" takes you deep in your soulful wonderland whereas "Chhap Tilak" shall make you crave for your love. "Peeya Se" part 1 and "Nana Milaike" are soothing modern International lounge versions to relax and cherish the feeling of feeling great! Whereas "Peeya Se" part II spells the magic of alternate rhythms. The title song HALKA - the young, youthful, pop - pepp track with groovy dance and foot tapping feel is mixed to create a modern international sound. The video is shot on this track that reflects the fun, youthfulness and mass appeal. Enjoying the feel is the mantra!

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