Raga Lalita Gauri by Gauri Pathare


Gauri Pathare

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Raga Lalita Gauri' Indian classical vocal music by Gauri Pathare from 'Musical Tribute'. About the album : This album begins with the captivating rendition of Raga Lalita Gauri, an evening raga, played at the time of sunset. It is named after the manifestations of the Divine Mother or Shakti. Filled with pathos and depth, it is one of the most beautiful sunset ragas. As the echoes of this raga culminate, the next rendition of Raga Durga overwhelms the listener. Raga Durga is a popular late evening raga. The name of this raga too is derived from the name of the Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva, representing patience and fearlessness. This ethereal presentation of Raga Lalita Gauri and Raga Durga ends with Dadra, the semi-classical form which is said to be very similar to Thumri. In this particular composition 'yaad piya ki aayee', the heart is filled with immense love and longing as it expresses the emotion of becoming reminiscent of the beloved.

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