Durga Gayatri Mantra (18 times)

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The story about the origin of the Gayatri Mantra goes as follows: Sage Vishwamitra was the guru to Lord Rama and Lakshman. Once, he was meditating while contemplating the supreme. During this meditaiton, he fell asleep, and in that state, composed a mantra in the Gayatri 'chhanda' (Chhanda is the meter used in the construction of Vedic hymns). This mantra came to be called the Gayatri Mantra. This mantra is so powerful that our sages have used this mantra to compose hymns and prayers to twenty four gods and goddesses. The Durga Gaytri Mantra is dedicated to Ma Durga. Listening to, or reciting this mantra 108 times, is analogous to doing the religious observance of all the rites and rituals associated with Goddess Durga. This album includes the 108 repetitions of the Durga Gayatri mantra, along with a dhyaan mantra, Durga stuti, the original Gayatri mantra, prayer for forgiveness and the Durga aarti.

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