Ganesh Vandana by 21 Brahmins

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Vedic chanting of Ganesh vandana by 21 brahmins. Shiva means supreme consciousness which is all pervasive and eternal. The verses in Rudri Paath are the singing glory of Shiva, the giver of energy, wisdom, and health. Rudri Paath is stated in the eighth chapter of the Shukla Yajur Veda, which is said to be, beloved to Lord Shiva. It is also commonly known as Rudri. It is said that'those who worship Lord Shiva, their dormant Shakti begins to rise' and soon with the grace of Shiva & dedicated practice, highest stages of consciousness are attained. This album begins with the musical manifestation of divinity in Ganesh Stuti. It also contains the Purusha-Sukta, which is recited as part of daily worship by Hindus. It is a hymn from the tenth part (mandala) of the Rigveda. Literally it means, 'the hymn of man'. It calls for joyful participation in this world. In this album, we present 'Ganesh Stuti, Rudri Paath, Purusha Sukta and in the end, Shanti Paath'. All of these Vedic verses have been recited by twenty one South Indian priests. The boisterous chorus chants of this group are breathtaking, sweet and enchanting. Listening to them is an experience in itself.

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