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LIVE-Govind Devji Temple, Jaipur


Team-House Of God

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Morning Aarti: 5:00 AM, 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM Evening Aarti: 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 8:15 PM Lord Govind Devji's temple in Jaipur, Rajasthan is one among the 7 temples of thakur of Vrindavan including Shri Banke Bihariji, Shri Radha Vallabhji etc. This temple situated in the City Palace Complex is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. The image of the deity (murti) was brought from Vrindavan here by Raja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of Jaipur.

house of god
house of god