Gurbani Shlok Of Sheikh Farid


Anandmurti Gurumaa

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Gurbani Shlok of Baba Sheikh Farid Ji in Anandmurti Gurumaa Ji's soulful voice from devotional album 'Sheikh Farid'. "Sweet are candy, sugar, honey, and buffalo's milk. Yea, sweet are these but sweeter by far is God." These are the words of Baba Sheikh Farid, a great Sufi Mystic who enriched Punjabi poetry with his hymns, overflowing with love for the divine. He lived a life of meditation and devotion and spoke of the same in all his poems. According of Baba Farid, a truly intelligent person is one who is always contented in life, and a truly needy person is one who has no contentment in his heart. Every poem of Baba Sheikh Farid reflects love for God and reality of life. In the album Farida, Gurumaaji sets to melodious tunes, some of the teaching of this great saint. Simple music and hummable couplets make Farida a very pleasant treatise for all listeners.

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house of god