Raga Bhairavi by Ustad Bhure Khan Part-1

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Raga Bhairavi' Indian classical instrumental music by Ustad Bhure Khan from album 'Tajurba'. Tajurba is a collection of reverberating renditions of the three wonderful ragas performed with the long cherished musical instrument, Harmonium. The album welcomes the listener with soothing melody of the majestic raga, Raga Chandrakauns. The mood of this raga in its various forms is romantic and has been associated with Odev Jaati. It is very aesthetic in nature and evokes feelings of great warmth in heart. It is a midnight raga, perhaps this is the reason why it is named as Raga Chandrakauns, symbolising the splendor of moon at this time. As the mood becomes one with the melody of Raga Chandrakauns, Raga Bhairavi beckons the listener with its resonating rhythms. Raga Bhairavi is a morning raga. Traditionally, it was played at the end of the concerts, which for an all-night concert should be dawn. Bhairavi is also identified with Kalaratri, a name that means 'black night destruction' and refers to particularly destructive aspect of Kali. She is also identified with Mahapralaya, the great dissolution at the end of a cosmic cycle, during which all things having been consumed with fire, are dissolved in the formless waters of procreation. Soon after the music of Raga Bhairavi taps in the memory, the music of another powerful yet serene track based on Raga Pahari spells the magic of sheer peace and delight. Raga Pahari as the name suggests is related to the mountains and apt listening to this performance elevates the listener to experience ultimate infinite bliss. It is synonym to peace, power, pathos, and poignancy, and is very popular in rendering thumris, ghazals and bhajans. The name Tajurba has a very special significance with this album as it is a unique recording with the accompaniment of artists from three generations - the renowned harmonium exponent, Ustad Bhure Khan Saheb is accompanied by his disciple Dr. Dinkar Sharma on harmonium and the talented student of Dr. Dinkar Sharma, Aman Nath on Keyboard; they are accompanied on tabla by Athar Hussain.

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