Classical Vocal by Gauri Pathare Raga Sur Malhar from Malhar

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Raga Sur Malhar' Indian classical vocal by Gauri Pathare from album 'Malhar'. A raga is born when musical notes are set or arranged in specific manner so that each musical note has a certain way of manifestation, and the indispensable melodic affinity between notes is defined by consonance. There are various ragas designed for different seasons. The sprinkling shower, the fragrance of the damp earth, and the majestic splendor of nature announce the arrival of monsoon and inspire uplifting moods and emotions. Fascinatingly, these moods of the monsoon have found evocative sophisticated expression in the melodies of Indian Classical Music, called Raga Malhar. The album, Malhar is an excellent compilation of the two varieties of Raga Malhar: Raga Gaud Malhar and Raga Sur Malhar. This exquisite raga spells the magic of emotional diversity of the richness of monsoon and fills the being with pure joy and happiness. It is such a powerful legendary raga that when sung with the correct rhythms and beats can perpetuate rain from the sky. Raga Sur Malhar is attributed to Sant Surdas and has bhakti as the predominant bhava. The singer's elaborate exposition and rendering of ragas is high on tonal purity and melodic beauty. This melodious album concludes with Raga Basant. The name basant is derived from the Sanskrit word vasant, meaning spring. This special raga is the melody for both Spring (Basant) & Autumn (Sharad), and is usually performed during spring season. True to its derivation, Raga Basant blossoms the spring in the heart of listeners. The album is a unique confluence of technique, temperament, authenticity and expertise. Experience the flowering of love, joy, and serenity as you listen to the wholesome musical offering in the form of Malhar.

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