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Ish Upanishad - Verse 18


Pt. Ganesh Vidyalankar

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The Ish Upanishad is contained in the final chapter of the Shukla Yajurveda. It consists of 17 two-line verses covering a wide spectrum of philosophy, religion, ritualism and metaphysics in a concise manner. It assumes a Lord (Ish) of the universes who has the capacity to know everything infinitely, including everything that can be known about a character such as his/her thoughts, feelings, fears, desires etcetera. The Ish Upanishad is also called the Ishavaasyoponishad. It derives this name from the first word of the first verse, which reads. Ishaavasyam idam sarvam Yat kinha jagatyam jagat Tena tyaktena bhujitha Ma gridhah kasya svida dhanam

house of god
house of god