Maansik Guru Puja


Anandmurti Guruma

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Divine Envision (Maansik Guru Puja) by Anandmurti Gurumaa from devotional album 'Divine Reverence'. Spiritual masters come to earth with a message of hope for humanity and a new way of leading life. Having climbed the peaks to self-discovery, they come back as guides to the path to eternal truth. The masters remind us that we house within ourselves a divine reality that is waiting to be discovered. Divine Reverence is one such mesmerizing musical accolade that sings glory unto the golden feet of the master. Offering of love and gratitude that opens the gates of wisdom, the album starts with beautiful chanting followed by divine envision (Manas Pooja) unto the feet of the master. The next track 'the enchanting' is one instrumental marvel that adds stars to this album. And when you begin to feel tranquility within your heart, like soft soothing moonlight, you would love to sing along with 'Taaron Mein Chandra Samaan Ho' in the track 'The Reverence', which lauds the guru as a bright radiant moon of knowledge in the dark starry night of life. And finally, just as the fragrance of rose cannot be described by a thousand words until you actually smell it, so also is Divine Reverence, a fragrant tender flower, which cannot be described by harsh broken words. Open your heart with unconditional surrender and feel the magic for yourself.

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house of god