Meditation For Harmonizing Space Element - Part 5


Narration: Manuji ,Sarangi: Murad Ali, Vocals: Dr. Ojesh Pratap Singh

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Guided Meditation with Instrumental Music for Harmonizing the Space Element The musical instrument used in this album is the 'sarangi'. The sounds from the strings of the sarangi harmonize the space element in our body with the space element in the cosmos. The soothing and peaceful music of the sarangi creates serene vibrations that help the mind reach a meditative state. The sarangi has been played in raag Darbari; a raag that is frequently used in serious Indian classical music, or when the mood is solemn. To enhance the feeling of calmness, the instrumental music has been overlaid with vocals in the 'aalaap' form. Album: Tatwa - Space Narration: Manuji Sarangi: Murad Ali Vocals: Dr. Ojesh Pratap Singh

house of god
house of god