Nanak Aaya - Gurbani Kirtan


Anandmurti Gurumaa

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Nanak Aaya is a beautiful offering of love to one of the greatest Master of all times, Guru Nanakji. This album fills the hearts of devotees with the aura of Guru Nanak's love for the divine and makes one bow down in deep reverence. The album begins with a sweet song, 'Guru Nanak Jin Sunya' where Gurumaaji says that a seeker kept chanting the name of Hari but never knew who Hari was in reality. How could he know the Lord, who is infinte and undescribable by little words? On listening to Guru Nanak's words, he realized that Hari indeed resides within every person's heart. He learnt that the ocean of bliss was right within him, but he was never aware of it. Anyone who absorbs Guru Nanak's teachings within himself is convinced of the inifite existence of the Lord and never again gets confused or loses track of the divine path. Nanak Aaya is a melodious song where Gurumaaji describes Guru Nanak as the Guru who appeared on earth to salvage millions lost in ignorance in today's present world or 'Kali Yuga'. He challenged all myths and malpractices in the name of religion and showed people the path of GOD who is One and the same, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and time.Prince or pauper are all the same in the eyes of God, Guru Nanak opened the eyes of people to this fact as he unfolded the beautiful play of the Lord to all. Gurumaaji's soothing voice, the meaningful lyrics, accompanied by simple but pleasant music, make this album a gift to cherish!

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