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Puja Aarambh - Shani Mantras

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Mantras of a complete Shani Puja, recited by a dharmacharya. Track: Shani Puja Arambh Artist: Pt. Rajendra Prasad Kimothi, Ph.D. Album: Shani Puja Shani, which is the planet Saturn, is one of the nine planets that are taken into account while casting a person's horoscope. As per Indian astrology, Shani is represented by the colour black, a lame person or a person doing menial jobs. Shani also represents the highest level of intellect, hard work, lawyers and statesmen. Thus, for a person to rise in life as a great lawyer or politician he must have the divine grace of Shani bestowed upon him/her. A well-placed Shani in the horoscope can give immense wealth and power to the person. A badly placed Shani in the horoscope, on the other hand, leads to abject poverty, ill health and disrepute.

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