Raga Jaijaiwanti Part-1


Madhup Mudgal

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Raga Jaijaiwanti' Indian classical vocal music by Madhup Mudgal. About this track : Raga Jaijaiwanti Mathe Jada Chanda - Vilambit Ektaal; Composition - Traditional , Ye Main Layee Sera Banara ka - Drut Teentaal; Composition - Pt. Kumar Gandharva Jaijaiwanti is a very sweet sounding, delicate raga of the "khamaj thaat" (family) that is supposed to be sung and played late in the night. While the raga freely traverses all three octaves, it is compulsorily started with a dive in the lower octave and keeps returning there. Both gandhaars and both nishaads (the natural and the flat) grace the raga at appropriate times to make it a most light and exhilarating experience. The lilting melody of the raga or a deemed imploring quality of its presentation comes from affording to each note a touch of the preceding note in the descent.

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