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Shani Shodash Upchaar Puja



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Mantras of a complete Shani Puja, recited by a dharmacharya. Track: Shani Shodash Upchar Puja Artist: Pt. Rajendra Prasad Kimothi, Ph.D. Album: Shani Puja Shani, which is the planet Saturn, is one of the nine planets that are taken into account while casting a person's horoscope. As per Indian astrology, Shani is represented by the colour black, a lame person or a person doing menial jobs. Shani also represents the highest level of intellect, hard work, lawyers and statesmen. Thus, for a person to rise in life as a great lawyer or politician he must have the divine grace of Shani bestowed upon him/her. A well-placed Shani in the horoscope can give immense wealth and power to the person. A badly placed Shani in the horoscope, on the other hand, leads to abject poverty, ill health and disrepute. Astrologically, the cycle of Shani is thirty years, which keeps repeating itself through a person's life. Hence, a person with a normal life span will probably go through two or three cycles of Shani. During every cycle, there is period of seven and a half years called the Saade Saati period which is generally a time of hardships. Indian astrologers seriously recommend regular puja of Shani during this period.

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