Sitar Instrumental by Amita Dalal


Amita Dalal

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Enchanting Sitar Instrumental (Fusion Music) by Amita Dalal from 'Sitar Lounge.' Sitar Lounge is a beautiful collection of mesmerising compositions lending myriad experiences, stirring the strings of the listener's heart. Every composition celebrates the joy of togetherness, thus marks the festivity and harmony of life. Its 'exuberance' that gets the expression in sublime hues in these compositions. Be it the opening tracks -- Fiesta, Enigma, Serenity - depicting the vibrancy of life, or Theme of Krishna, based on Raga Manjh Khamaj - portraying the love of eternal beloveds Radha-Krishna, or Invitation to Celebrate, based on Raga Hansadhwani -- a welcoming rendition perfect for any auspicious occasion to go with lights and diyas, these tracks exquisitely complement the mood of the ragas. Another entrancing rendition is that of Raga Madhyam se Bhairavi in 'Ending on Crescendo'. Raga Bhairavi is usually associated with the culmination or sadness, but its unique style of depiction with exhilarating taans in this particular track has brought about a different colour. So is the magic of Bikram Ghosh's table in 'Jog' featuring Raga Jog in its pure form devoid of any fusion. Then the final crescendo of the album comes with 'In a Dream World' and 'Anant Safar'. There is something surreal about both of them. While the former one is based on Raga Kafi Shahana creating a rusty feel of rural ambiance, the latter one is based on Raga Yaman Kalyan taking the listener back in time to 1960's when life was so rhythmic and harmonious. All these ragas together make Sitar Lounge a kaleidoscope, as it has the aliveness, festive and celebrative spirit.

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