Shri Ganesh Bhajan | Lambodaraya Namah by Satish Sharma


Shri Satish Sharma

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Hey Daya Nidhan' beautiful Shri Ganesha devotional song from devotional album 'Lambodaray Namah'. About the album: Lambodaraya Namah is a simple yet soothing album, close to Shri Satish Sharma's heart. Unlike other devotional albums, Lambodaraya Namah is very different in terms of its contemporary music, which is played on Guitar. All the bhajans in the album are purely raga based and very much in the parameters of Hindustani Classical Music. The jugalbandi between Shri Satish Sharma's Guitar and Shri Anand Vaidya's vocals has added a vibrant dimension to spiritual singing. The music of this album gives you a spiritual high.

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