Tori Surat - Sufi Song


Rashmi Agarwal

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Sufi song 'Tori Surat' by Rashmi Agarwal from sufi devotional album 'Rang De Maula'. Rang De Maula is an exquisite collection of mystical Sufi poetry, beautifully expressed in the mellifluous voice of the versatile singer, Rashmi Agarwal. The album has eight songs. All the songs are set on a wonderful fusion of Indian classical music with global rhythms and create an enchanting ambience. The rich poetry of Hazrat Amir Khusro is melodiously presented in the songs, Rang De Maula and Tori Surat, which depict the intense longing of a lover to be one with the beloved almighty. The soul stirring poetry of Baba Bulleh Shah is magnificently presented in the tracks, Ranjha Ranjha which speaks of the immortal and divine love of Heer-Ranjha and Dekho Ree which is an emotional love song depicting spiritual folklore by him. This song reflects the seeker's eagerness to be one with God - her ultimate 'Pia'. The album ends with the remix of the title track, Rang De Maula. All the songs convey different emotions and melodies making Rang De Maula, a synthesis of traditional poetry and contemporary music. Rang De Maula is a sheer delight for Sufi music lovers.

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