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Vaastu Purush Sthapan & Visarjan - Vaastu Puja Mantras


Pt. Rajendra Prasad Kimothi, Ph.D.

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Shlokas from a complete Vaastu Puja, recited by a trained pundit. Track: Vaastu Puja Sankalp Album: Vaastu Puja According to Hindu beliefs, gods reside in a person's home, as well as the heavens. It is further believed that the gods have a specific place assigned to them in the house. This belief is in accordance with the principles of vaastu, that have been enumerated in ancient Indian texts. Vaastu is the the art of constructing buildings according to the prescribed rules, which take into account the placement of various rooms within the house. Further, Vaastu describes the importance of the eight directions, namely, north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast and south west. For instance, Vaastu tells us that one must have windows and the doors on the eastern and the northern side of the house, instead of the other directions. This is to let in the morning sun and the air. This would help in keeping the house well-lit and ventilated thus reducing the need for air-conditioning and extra lights, which in turn would help to conserve energy. Vaastu also contains instructions on maintaining the harmony of nature with our living. Vaastu talks of the five elements that comprise humans - air, water, fire, earth and space, and how to maintain the balance of these elements while designing our places of work and habitation. The disturbance of this balance is said to be the cause of numerous problems, such as ill-health, family discord, loss of wealth etc. Unfortunately, in the modern age, most people have almost no control over the construction of their houses or offices, as they have to make do with the properties that have been made by builders and developers. Vaastu puja is one way to correct the anomalies that arise in these constructions. Vaastu puja is performed by praying to the Vaastu Purush, which is a representation of thirty-two gods. Puja to the Vaastu Purush is like a puja to all these gods. It is commonly recommended that Vaastu puja be done continuously for 40 days. This album contains the complete prayers to the various gods who reside in our abode in the ethereal form. The mantras in this album have been taken from the rare Indian spiritual texts and strictly follow the Indian Vedic rules.

house of god
house of god