Raga Bairagi


Kumar Mardur

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Raga Bairagi' Hindustani classical vocal music by Kumar Mardur Indian Classical Music has been the lifeline of the Indian Musical History. Most Artists from around the world have always paid their honour to this genre of such high precision that is surely to mesmerise anyone who is in love with music. And in the vast scope of his musical expression, a very talented vocalist, Kumar Mardur creates an inspired collection of songs that reflect a deep love affair with Indian Classical Music. The album sung in Khayal style of music starts with the aalap of Raga Bairagi. The next two tracks with Raga Shudh Saarang and Raga Shree express fine musical artistry and invigorate great feeling of romance in the heart of listener. And if you are one of those who have fallen or are in line to fall in love with celebration, let this album be your companion to the blissful journey to joy and celebration. The best way to experience the depth of this album is to delve into listening and enjoy the sheer joy of Indian Classical Music.

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