S Prakash Kaushik

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Lord Ganesh is referred to as the one with the single tusk, the one who has mouse as his vehicle and the one who penned the epic Mahabharata. Mantras are usually of Sanskrit origin, which are power-packed formulas, highly compressed and charged with a magical potency and deep meaning. Mantras can be a word, a sound or a phrase. It helps in elevating or modifying consciousness by its meaning, rhythm, tone, sound and the reflexology of the tongue against the palate of the mouth when saying the mantra. What Benefits Can Ganesh Mantra Bring You? Chanting the Ganesh Mantra brings about a lot of changes in the person. It helps in calming the person and bringing overall positivity in life. A lot of aspects of life are impacted by the chanting of this mantra. The Ganesh mantra brings a sense of well-being in the life of the person. Indians refer to the Vedas or Vedic literature as the topmost authority with all kinds of knowledge. It is believed that every mantra has a specific meaning and brings particular result to anyone who chants the mantra. When a person chants the Ganesha Mantra it gives the person material and spiritual prosperity.

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house of god