Waheguru- Simran Jaap


Anandmurti Guruma

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Waheguru simran and jaap by Anandmurti Gurumaa. Waheguru, a beautiful mantra, is in itself quintessence of love, joy and ecstasy. And this bliss increases manifold when chanted from the inner cores of a heart filled with love. Anandmurti Gurumaa, in her mesmerising voice, sings the Wahe Guru mantra taking the listener to great heights of ecstasy. Composed in four different ways, Wahe Guru mantra transcends the listener to the realms of silence, joy, love and celebration. All the four different ways chant the same mantra yet give a feel of an altogether different season. What starts with Wahe Guru mantra chanting, ends in silence. And at this zenith, you yourself become bliss, a flower of fragrance as 'you' in the process is lost.

house of god
house of god