Zindagi Jeene ki liye Hain || जिंदगी जीने के लिए हैं Part - 01


pandit vijay shankar mehta ji

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In this video, explaining about the concept of No Negative Life Jeene ki liye Hain Part 1 by Pt Vijyashankar Mehta. Pt Vijyashankar Mehta was born on July 2, 1957. He is son of a renowned economist Prof. Vallabh Das Mehta and mother Sumitra Devi Mehta. He was eldest of five brothers – sisters of the family. Swami Narayandev Tirthji grandfather’s blessings flourished brahmin values and treasure of spiritual knowledge in him. Pt. Mehtaji are giving lectures these days on various known and unknown topics of Hinduism and Spirituality relating with life management.

house of god
house of god