Rasiya Ko Nar Banaori Paramparik Rachna


Kalpana Zokarkar

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Rasiya Ko Nar Banaori' Indian classical vocal music by Kalpana Zokarkar from album 'Rasiya. About the album : An exquisite collection of melodious classical renderings by Kalpana Zokarkar, "Rasiya-A cascade of Love", is an expression of popular lyrics set in mesmerizing ragas and talas. The opening tracks of the album, 'Jab Se Shyam Sidhare' and 'Chhabi Dikhalaja Banke Savariya' are sung in Thumri style of singing, a light classical form of Hindustani Music which is lyrical and romantic and revolves around the love of Lord Krishna. The lyrics are in dialect of Hindi 'Braj Bhasha' spoken colloquially by natives of the region of Braj Bhoomi, with great cultural and religious significance. It is also linked to the rustic folk melodies of northern India. The next track, 'Ab Kaahe Rokat Dagar Shyam' is in Dadra style of singing which is another popular form of semi-classical Indian music. It is sung in Dadra taal, commonly found in qawwalis, bhajans, and folk music throughout India. The last track, 'Rasiya' is a flavour of soulful music that emanates the intensity of love of Radha Krishna, making this album a wholesome experience of sheer love and devotion.

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