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Narasimha Mantra, also known as Kavacha mantra has the power of protecting those who chant it. The Kavacha mantras act as protective shields to safeguard the welfare of the devotees. If so, then imagine how powerful Narasimha Mantra could be when the sole purpose behind the incarnation of Lord Narasimha is to save his devotee. Chanting Narasimha Mantra can remove all sufferings and alleviate the troubles of people. It can bestow the state of fearlessness, peace, prosperity, and tranquility. worshipping Lord Narasimha is the way to attain the ultimate salvation in life and get rid of everything evil and harmful. Chanting His mantras makes one’s life fall into sync and his mental peace is known to stay undisturbed. Recite or hear this Mantra, chanted by Srimati Ramadevi Rao with due reverence, diligence, and devotion & get rid of fears. Bestow all good on your life with this powerful narsimha prayer

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